Silver Residential Membership

$5.00 / month

Storm Monitoring and Notification of all radar detected damaging storms

– Priority Emergency Services (Storm, Water and Fire Damage Restoration/Mitigation Services)
– Priority Repairs
– Annual Roof Inspection and Maintenance
– Annual Exterior Inspection and Maintenance
– Annual Window and Door Inspection and Maintenance
– Annual Infrared Exterior Inspection
– Unlimited Post Damaging Storm Inspections
– Documentation of every inspection
– Insurance Claims Assistance
– Up to 15% Off Repairs

Enter Total Square Feet of Home

Minimum 1,200 SF

Would you like to add our quarterly pest control service?
AlliedOne Services Group’s Quarterly Pest Control Service targets over 200 insects and bugs including but not limited to:
Mosquitos, Spiders, Wasps, Ants, Wood Destroying Insects, Flying Insects, Stinging Insects, Livestock Insects, Plant Destroying Insects, Stored Product Insects, etc.

Minimum of 1,200 SF

Enter Total SF of Home if you want Pest Control Service,
Leave Blank if you do not want your home protected from 200 target pests, bugs and insects.

Pool Maintenance from AlliedOne Services Group includes, but is not limited to:
Weekly Brushing, Skimmers Cleaned, Routine Backwash, Maintain Chemical Levels (Chlorine Pool / Salt Water Pool), Pool Equipment Maintenance, etc. Giving you Peace of Mind

Enter Total Gallons of your pool:
Minimum 20,000 Gallons

Leave blank if you do not have a pool or do not want your pool professionally maintained

Is your home over 2 stories? * 

Do you have a detached garage? * 

A detached garage is an additional inspection.
*Detached includes any garage that does not have a door from the interior of the home directly into the garage.

Total Number of Sheds? * (+$3.00)

Additional inspection for a shed to protect your contents inside.

Enter “0” to decline shed inspection


As a homeowner you take pride in your home, which is why you at least need our AlliedOne Services Group Membership. You want to keep your home efficient, beautiful and functional while maintaining a budget. This is where an AlliedOne Services Group membership is beneficial. Your roof and the exterior of your home keeps you, your family and your home dry and clean. We also offer additional services seen below to protect your family and home from Fires, Water Damages, mold and more.

AlliedOne is here to ensure your roof and home stays beautiful and functional. With your AlliedOne Services Group membership you will receive storm monitoring to promptly assess any storm damages which may occur. Priority tarping and repairs or replacements. 24/7 customer service. No charge storm inspections. AND MORE!!!

Your insurance company recommends routine inspections and maintenance.

Start with a AlliedOne Services Group Membership Today!!


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