Residential Proactive Plus Membership

$30.00 / month and a $20.00 sign-up fee


  • Storm Monitoring
  • Post Storm Inspections
  • Priority Emergency Services
  • Priority Repairs
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Annual Inspections and Maintenance
  • $150 Annual Rollover credit
    • Credit may be used for Repairs, Emergency Services, Insurance Deductible
  • We take care of EVERYTHING for you!!

Annual Electrical Safety Inspection and Maintenance

From the garage to the kitchen and bathroom…every part of your home demands electricity. Having any problems with it, whether seen or unseen, can cost you thousands, but also be a safety hazard for you and your family.
Our licensed Electrician will inspect your home’s entire electrical system looking for any safety hazards and potential energy saving recommendations.

Bi-Annual HVAC Inspection and Maintenance

How many HVAC units do you have?
Our Factory trained technicians will perform a multi-point inspection of your HVAC (A/C and Heating) system TWICE per year. This will allow the technicians to solve any efficiency, safety, mechanical or other issues before they are a problem.

Plumbing Health and Safety Inspection and Maintenance

How many Bathrooms are in your home?
Our licensed Plumbers will conduct a multi-point inspection of your home’s plumbing system, looking for any potential problems, safety hazards or opportunities to improve plumbing quality.

Is your home over 2 stories?

Do you have a detached garage?

A detached garage is an additional inspection. Adding the garage to your membership will add an extra $50 a year rollover credit.

Do you have a shed? How many?

Additional inspection for a shed to protect the property inside. This option will add an additional $30 to your annual rollover credit per shed.


Residential Proactive Plus Membership

As a homeowner you take pride in your home. You want to keep your home beautiful and functional while maintaining a budget. This is where a AlliedOne membership is beneficial. Your roof and the exterior of your home keeps you, your family and your home safe, dry and clean. We also offer additional services seen below to protect your family and home from Fires, Water Damages, mold and more.

AlliedOne is here to ensure your roof and home stays beautiful and functional. With your AlliedOne Proactive Plus membership you will receive storm monitoring to promptly assess any storm damages which may occur. Priority tarping and repairs or replacements, 24/7 emergency services, annual rollover credit, no charge storm inspections and Routine Annual Photo documented inspections.


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