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    Be prepared for the unexpected with an AlliedOne Membership.


    As part of the AlliedOne Family, you will have piece of mind knowing you home will keep you safe and protected.


    Add our annual electrical safety inspection to your membership


    As a member of the AlliedOne family, you will receive priority Emergency Services

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AlliedOne Services Group is proud to be the only contracting company to offer a lifetime warranty on all projects completed!!



AlliedOne is dedicated to perfecting the construction and maintenance process. We believe that being PROACTIVE is the solution! Being an exclusive member with AlliedOne Services Group puts you ahead of the game and saves you thousands of dollars in potential property damages. Not having all the documentation in the time of a catastrophic loss can be tragic! Not only do we provide you with the facts but we provide you with PRIME ALLIEDONE CONTRACTORS! That means anytime you have a problem, AlliedOne has your back. No more shopping around for contractors you may be able to trust.


Annual Rollover Credit

Every year that your are a member with AlliedOne you will receive money back. Our members receive a continuous credit every year that constantly increases. This credit can be applied to a member's deductible or property repair. Allied One is currently the only membership able to provide you with this service. The credit will follow you to your next home as well.

Routine Inspections

Our Annual Inspections are second to none. Our inspectors examine every square inch of your property. These inspections are crucial to preventing costly property damage and providing factual information to insurance companies and potential property buyers or investors.

Routine Maintenance

You may not notice a leak for years. At that point, the damages could cost over $15,000 due to mold and mildew build-up behind your walls and in your attic. Rotten studs and joists etc. Prevent this costly repair with our routine maintenance

Storm Damage Monitoring

Using our proprietary technology your property will be monitored remotely for damaging hail and wind storms. If we notice a damaging storm at your home, we will inform you of the potential of damage and schedule a no-cost inspection

Priority Repairs

When damage occurs at your home, you want the damages repaired quickly. We want the same, which is why we have partnered with the top construction companies to put our members at the front of the line for any and all repairs necessary to make your home whole again.

Priority Emergency Services

Our members receive priority emergency services. In the event a storm creates an opening in your roof, a pipe bursts, a toilet overflows or any damage is done to your property, give us a call 24/7 and we will send a crew out immediately to tarp or clean and dry to prevent further damages. No waiting for a company to be available.

Insurance Claims Assistance

In the event you have damaging hail, high winds, water leak, toilet overflow, fire or a vehicle crashes into your home. AlliedOne is here to assist you through the entire process. From cleaning, drying, securing, preventing further damages, filing an insurance claim, taking geolocated photos, writing an estimate, sending all documentation to your insurance adjuster to expedite the claims process to get your property back to pre-loss conditions faster.

Plumbing Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Did you know, your plumbing can cause over $50,000 in damages to your home? Add our Plumbing inspection, maintenance and repair service to your membership to prevent the damages from occurring.

HVAC Inspections, Maintenance and Repair

Add our Bi-Annual HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Discounted Repair to your membership to ensure your HVAC system is running at its peak performance and efficiency. Did you know, a HVAC system not running efficiently could cost you over $80 per month? Did you know that a HVAC system that is not inspected and maintained can cause over $15,000 in damages?

Electrical Safety Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

From the garage to the kitchen and bathroom…every part of your home demands electricity. Having any problems with it, whether seen or unseen, can cost you thousands, but also be a safety hazard for you and your family.
Our licensed Electrician will inspect your home’s entire electrical system looking for any safety hazards and potential energy saving recommendations.

Discounted Repairs

As a Member of the AlliedOne Services Group, you will receive up to 20% off of all repairs. Including all repairs necessary to prevent damages, repairs to stop water leaks behind walls, repairs to damage to your home for non-preventable damages (Storm Damage, Accidental Damages, etc)


Join the AlliedOne family to ensure your property is safe for your family, tenants, businesses and the community.

Silver Commercial Membership

Commercial AlliedOne Services Group Membership As a Commercial Property Owner you take pride in your investment. You want to keep your investment beautiful and functional while maintaining a budget. This is where a AlliedOne Services Group membership is beneficial. We also offer additional services seen below to protect your family

$10.00 / month

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